I also own and like my Belair. arealitysudios has it right -- be realistic about what the camera is, and it's fine.

What it is to me: a replacement for the idea of converting a #3A Folding Pocket Kodak camera to use 120 film.

What it is not: competition for any reasonably modern (1950>) folding camera. It is not a Super Ikonta. It is not a Fuji GF670.

The plastic 58mm is basically unusable for straight photography. The decentred softness relegates it to "impressionistic use only." The plastic 90mm is serviceable, but does vignette and get softer in the corners. Results look very much like what I have gotten from a Rapid Rectilinear... again making your expectations closer to the Pocket Kodak than to the Super Ikonta.

I am hopeful about the "Russian" glass. I have made decent photos and movies with Zenit lenses in the past, and expect these new lenses to be serviceable. My goal is simply to get lenses that are good enough for the image to not immediately scream "lo-fi Lomo."