Apologies if this is seen as "provocative", it's honestly not meant to be such.

For most of our technology, yes, firmware updates is too much technology - most of our tech has no electronic firmware! but for the current and recent equipment used to take pictures, I think it is a useful addition to the armoury. Once a piece of equipment has a computer on board, it can be updated/changed etc fairly easily - providing it can be accessed. With the prevalence of the internet, being able to update functionality via a download is an improvement over needing to send it to a service centre for the update/patch to be applied. Yes, it can be use to "tweak" the focus accuracy, which could imply sloppy quality control but can also imply ability to massively fine tune equipment to particular cameras. Tolerances required for optimal image production are much much tighter now than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Whilst it can be used for fine tuning focus etc the ability to alter the responses of the equipment to new cameras or functions is a valuable facility, for the current technology.

The ability to fine tune equipment is nothing new - my canon 200/1,8 had to have the focus fine tuned to my analogue cameras back in the nineties, but that was a service item that cost time & money, oh to be able to do that myself!

Yes, for manual equipment it is too much technology but once a step to electronic equipment is taken, this is a quite sensible and useful facility to employ - horses for courses as they say. I like my eos gear, with all its faults and I equally like my 'blad gear, with all its faults!