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When I focus a Summilux lens the screw on the thread will allow me to turn it about 2” or 3” between infinity and the closest focus. Most digital SLR’s I have used on manual focus turn about ”. This does not need firmware, just better design.
I know those who shoot motorsport - while they most certainly did OK shooting motorsport back in the 80's with manual focus equipment, quite often 'the shot' was spoilt by not quite being in focus. While its easy to say that you can prefocus and shoot at a certain spot, what happens if the incident of the race occurs 15 metres before then?

Today, there is a much higher probability that 'the shot' will be very much in focus, even if it means a quick point and shoot to get the shot. Shortening the travel of the AF movement increases speed of the focusing - The manufacturers don't give a crap about some film user who expects micrometer focussing...actually, they are not trying to sell lenses to you at all.

Like I have said in many different threads (& this thread)...these things are just tools that can be used by the photographers in the right instance. It is up to the photographer how to use these tools.

The thing that I personally dislike is those of the 'consumer' level of photography who get sucked into this whole 'Must be the fastest AF possible (DAMMIT) and I WILL upgrade to the latest and greatest in 12 months time when something faster comes along'.

Me, personally - I am not gonig to disagree with the fact that I have a much higher success rate shooting slow and static objects using my Manual Focus gear. A split screen is a God send for this. But, I also realise that AF has its place...and having AF that is firm ware upgradeable and fine tunable is another handy tool that is worth it.