Question for you: Is the tissue paper backing also creased and pocked?

If so, that indicates to me that somebody tossed that sheet into a pile of junk on a table then stacked other junk on top of it. I see this, occasionally, at the theater where I work. It is a movie theater and a legitimate, stage theater. We use Rosco gel in the spotlights. When the gel gets tossed into a pile, this occasionally happens.

We keep scraps of gel and crinkled up pieces for use in small, non-critical projects but we won't use them for big shows. They'll often burn through. When they do, it is always when it is least convenient. Like right in the middle of the big finale number.
("Paging Mr. Murphy! Mr. Murphy, please pick up the white courtesy phone!")

Long story short... Somebody probably tossed this gel in a pile, wrinkled it up then stuffed it in a box and sold it to you.

It doesn't matter to me whether you think the goods are fit for your purpose or whether you want to take the time and trouble to send them back but the seller should know that somebody in his Shipping Department is slacking off. I would complain or at least send a note.