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I would suggest a stop past what I think Bob and Kevin still call the front of their shop - the Dylan Ellis Gallery- they always has great stuff on the walls.

The location is listed on their Elevator Digital site. Don't let the name scare you - lots of silver loving still happens there.
Thanks, Mike. I looked it up and added it to my list with a note that you recommended it. I looked through the list of artists, too.

One thing I noticed about the listings on the festival site is that it's usually no easy matter to tell from the descriptions of the exhibits whether to expect analog or digital when you get there. I have come to assume digital unless specified otherwise.

I'm not a bigot toward digital photography. I think it's wonderful because it's done so much to open up photography to exceptionally talented people who might not have given it the time of day back when film reigned supreme. But, I have practically zero interest in going out of my way to see it unless it's the subject matter that interests me.

Film photography, and especially darkroom prints, are another matter. That I will go to see regardless of the subject matter. I will stand back and take in the composition. Unworthy though I may be, I will arrogantly pass judgement on the artistic merit. I will press my nose right up to the glass to see the texture of the grain. And, if the photographer happens to be present, I will go stand close enough to bask in the euphoria of his aura.

Digital isn't bad. It's probably what made me really appreciate darkroom photography. Until digital came along, I was like everyone else. Now I'm weird.