Yea interesting, but odd poster, but the scale is really annoying, designing it to a set scale wouldnt have been that hard as all the info is out there on the web. Also there are two argus C3s while some other cameras were left out.

I also saw the F-1, the pentaprism is not that tiny! lol Also I didnt think the iphone or the gopro should have been on the list as their main purpose in design is a phone and a video camera, while all others on the list were still image only.

There is someone here on apug that actually has great images of cameras with a grid behind them to judge scale. I forget who exactly, but the images are really nice and useful. The book Camera by Todd Gustavson also has lots of nicely laid out images of a multitude of cameras for anyone into it, I bought the hardcover version of it awhile ago, and I think the paper back is very affordable, even more so used.

Also, this would be a fun poster for people with lots of cameras, if you can just make the poster customizable, have people input their cameras, and make a dartboard from it! Throw a dart and you can pick a camera you want for the day!