I agree with you. To make it worse, none of these computerized POS stations ("Point of Service" not "Piece of $#|†") have anything resembling a standardized display. Even the exact same model of display terminal at different locations might have a completely different arrangement of buttons or procedures necessary to operate it. You have to spend half a minute reading the display before you can even begin to get your food or pay your bill.

I like technology and computers. I'm using a computer right now. Aren't I? I work in a theater with digital projectors and sound systems. This stuff is no stranger to me.

No, my problem is about the improper application of technology toward a specific goal. I wouldn't want to use a hammer to drive in a drywall screw any more than I would want to use an expensive computer to order my food. The same goes for photography. I just want to set my camera according to my needs and the requirements of the scene or subject. I just want to press the button and develop the film. That's it. I don't need computers with touch screens or lenses with adjustable firmware. I just want a damned picture.

Sometimes I do shoot with a digicam but, when I want to shoot a picture with a real camera I don't need a computer to tell me what to do or how to do it.