Not sure if there's a definitive list, there's been so many manufacturers over the years it would be almost impossible, and huge.
Example, take a look at how many lenses are on the list of (almost) all m42 lenses ever made. Some of those lenses used the same coatings, like all from the same factory. But some might have had coatings upgrades along their life. Then think about all non-m42 lenses: Nikons, Canons, OMs, Rangefinders, Large Formats.
That would surely be one massive list.

I'm of the same opinion as mentioned above, how any lens has been treated since leaving the factory influences its performance more than how it left the factory. That said, it's nice to know the maximum performance you can get if it's been treated perfectly since it left the factory.

For a bit of history though, check out Roger's Blog Here, if you don't read his blog you should (unless you don't have hours to waste like me).