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This might be a dumb question, but can I ask why?

One thing that could help with using less exposure is a highly compensating developer, which will bring compression (ie shouldering) further down the curve. Alternatively perhaps a shorter scale film.

But in the end I still think you're better off simply fixing this in printing. Flashing, or some low contrast burning etc.
The compensating developer is the approach of Hans Windisch. Many photographers, e.g. Ansel Adams used this approach. And, with a modern lens with good detail properties, like certain LF and MF lenses, the compensating effect is even more pronounced. It is my experience that the most important printing property is the microcontrast. And that implies,that there is a large freedom in the interpretation of the print. ( The microcontrast is controlling the overall contrast; or printing on a harder grade will give a softer look).