8x10" Fidelity Deluxe Film Holders - $160 Shipped (USA)
I bought these in the fall of 2011 from Igor's Camera Exchange in LN condition. They're probably more realistically in Good condition, with evidence of use, but minimal wear. The previous owner took the liberty of labeling the film holders: one reads "Vel - Push" and the other reads "Vel - Bad". Film holders are in good shape, light tight based on my last use, and ready to use. Price includes USPS shipping to the United States and insurance.
shonan-2000.jpg shonan-2001.jpg

8x10" BTZS Film Processing Tubes - $70 Shipped (USA)
Embarrassingly enough I've only used these a couple of times. The good news is they work great! My foray into 8x10" was short lived and these are practically new.

Fujinon 90mm f/8 (for 4x5) - $275 Shipped (USA)
Great wide ​angle lens for 4x5 photography. Excellent condition with no marks on any elements. Mounted in a Copal #0 on a Toyo recessed lens board for studio camera with angle shutter release adapter. Shutter speeds sound accurate at all speeds.

Fujinon 300mm f/5.6 (for 4x5 and 8x10) - $520 Shipped (USA)
Near flawless condition with accurate shutter speeds and impeccable optics. The only issue with this lens is that it's missing the rear cap, which really isn't an issue if you mount it on the camera. ​This lens has incredible optics and looks amazing when shot wide open. Mounted in a Copal #3 on a Toyo board with accurate sounding shutter at all speeds.
photography-equipment-forsale-22.jpg photography-equipment-forsale-23.jpg

Please be respectful and understand that the prices listed are firm and not open to offers. PayPal is the only method of payment accepted for these items, and unfortunately I am not interested in any trades. We are a military family currently stationed in Japan, and as such all items will be shipped via USPS. Flat rate service will be provided for all of the lenses and parcel post with insurance will be used for the larger items. International shipping is available for an additional $40.