I just bought pretty much a whole darkroom from somebody, and when unpacking everything, I found that 6 of the reloadable cartridges had film in them. The guy I bought it from thinks it's probably Panatomic X, or maybe Plus X.
It's on a very thin base, dark brown/gray on the back side, lighter on the emulsion side. The leader has turned light green over time.
There's also some in the loader, which is a heavier base, sort of a darkish dusty-rose colour on the backing, (yes, I'm in touch with my sensitive self), and a lighter colour on the emulsion side. He did use some Tri-X, but comparing it to some I have on hand, it's not the same at all. Did Tri-X ever change the base?
If I have to expose some and develop it, so be it, but I thought it might ring a bell with one of you knowledgable folk, and it might save me 2 rolls of film. (I'm a little cheap at times).
It's been stored in a cool, dark place, so it's probably fine for nostalgia or old-fashioned sort of shots, which I like to do.
Any help appreciated.