Hi Guys,
I'm sure you've answered a million of these, but I just can't find answers online.
I purchased a nice clean 500cm from Adorama in NYC with a Zeiss Planar 80mm T* 2.8 Synchro Compur shutter and have 2 quick shutter questions:
1) The longer speeds: is it true that you're supposed to hold the release button down longer to allow for the second curtain in the rear of the body to stay open long enough to take the proper exposure? I read this in the manual, but find it a little strange.
2) Why are there two different sets of shutter speed numbers on the lens? The set of numbers in green don't seem to be accessible, but I'm surely doing something wrong.
3) I'd like to find a lens hood and filter holder and maybe an extender. I think I have what is called a CT* lens, but I'm not sure. Do you guys know what size hood/filter holder and extender I would need?

THANK YOU so much for your input -- I really love this forum.