Interesting. You made a false statement re coverage attainable with "old" technology and then denied you meant it. And then you rambled about what's coming to market for small chip digicams. Why didn't you bring up the use (or abuse) of really short cine lenses on micro 4/3 digicams? Why didn't you mention fisheye lenses? I mean, if you're going to muddy the water, muddy it thoroughly.

Lessee now. The APS-C chip's dimensions are 24.1 x 16.7 mm, its diagonal is 30.1 mm. An 8 mm lens that covers 30.1 mm has to cover 124 degrees. The Goerz Hypergons I directed you to cover 135 degrees.

Ultrawides aren't generally useful, in LF they've been used mainly for specialized applications. I like 'em, my widest is a modern lens that covers 120 degrees, is rectilinear and gives good image quality. It isn't the lens I use most. In truth, the larger the format the more useful utrawides are 'cos the larger the format the more fine detail can be captured. In olden times they weren't used a lot, so weren't sold in large numbers, because of lack of demand.

Zoom lenses aren't used on LF. Too big, too heavy, and until very recently too flary. Why did you bring them up in an LF forum?