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Guess what? Some young 20 somethings love and collect vinyl. They love the organic and warm sound of old records with hiss, clicks and pops.

I love technology and it's made my life much more fun and easier. I've also been lucky to make a living off of people's technology problems by being a tech monkey. One thing I don't care for is the blind faith that technology will make things better. I think as technology progresses, it takes away the art of life. The randomness and the music of chance is lessoned with over use of technology. I prefer a portrait photographed on collodion and printed on silver gelatin paper over a digital portrait that's over-retouched and printed on inkjet. Technology can be soulless. I pick and choose carefully how I buy and use technology. Right now, I love the internet where I can share and enjoy opinions on APUG.
Yeah, I totally agree with you. I think I might have came over abrasive and ignorant comparing record players to camera computers. I think, in reality, I'm kinda neutral on the whole technology issue; I think if it's something you need, then use it. But if it's not necessary, then it might be best to live without it. But then, I think it's human nature to have the newest and the best and the fastest, and people in the marketing business will use that to their advantage