Hey! The need for a "USB Dock" generates another item to sell -- that's what it's all about! I believe the latest Canon gear can do micro adjustments also, but in the camera body. The latter might be better if the lenses are shared between multiple cameras, as who says it's the lens that's off!

I often use autofocus on my cameras that have it; like all technology there are trade-offs. (And my 72 YO eyes are developing cataracts!) It also requires understanding what a specific system will or won't do and possibly integrating some tricks into using the stuff (which admittedly negates some of the utility).

I will say that the latest generation of cameras and lenses (Canon EOS, etc.) does not appear targeted for manual focus use. For starters, normally supplied focus screens don't seem to be optimum for manual use, although in some cases other screens are available. And as mentioned up thread, the rotation to cover the full focus range is way shorter than many older lenses. (I get cheap thrills from my FD gear. )

As a culture we do appear obsessed with technology (and complexity) for its own sake, regardless of what it gains us, not just in camera gear.