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Absolutely! It's not about the use of a technology toward a particular purpose. It is about the use of technology because we CAN.

If I didn't want technology I'd join the Amish.

My problem with autofocus is because I don't like machines that override human decisions and make it more difficult to use manually. Sigma's autofocus firmware is great but I would rather have the option to enable or disable autofocus at a moment's notice. How about a system where, when the shutter button is pressed half way, the autofocus takes effect but, if the stepping motor that controls the lens detects the user turning the focus ring, the autofocus disengages? What if it stayed off until you double clicked the shutter button?

Why use a touch screen or a computer menu when a button would do?
When these things are used, why don't the designers use standardized designs?

Apple spent lots of time and money developing the mothballed Xerox Star into a useable, marketable system. Now, the GUI is a virtual worldwide standard. Why? Because somebody thought about technology and how to apply it to a purpose.

Why are people being labelled "Luddite" because they demand that technology be applied in a thoughtful manner?
Because, one reason why some are drawn to technology is insecurity. Point that out, and they snap back.