I think if I were looking for a small and medium format enlarger today, I'd want one with a tiltable lensboard and negative stage. This will let you do perspective correction by tilting the easel, but instead of stopping down to get the image in focus, you can apply the Scheimpflug principle just like on a view camera. I'm not sure which models do this offhand, but I think one of the Kaisers does, and maybe Durst.

Another thing to think about is what type of head you want. Some people find a condenser head to be the sharpest, but it's less forgiving of dust, scratches, and grain. Cold light produces a smoother look, but prefers a contrastier neg. Variable contrast cold light is another option available on newer enlargers.

The best deals on lenses are used. Get the best you can afford. Rodenstock, Schneider, and El-Nikkor are all decent. 6-element designs are generally better than 4-element designs, and the Apo versions are outstanding.