I check the marine app every Friday night just to see what the weekend might bring to the Flats.

In port:
Sea Eagle II, pusher tug, 164m, brings liquid cement to another factory up stream. See cell phone photo


Sam Laud, 194m, limestone, way upstream
Ohio, 33m tug
Nancy Ann, tug, no length given
Kathy Lynn, tug, 26m
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder, 215m, anchored off port, usually carries limestone.
Coast Guard, Neah Bay, tug 13m
Aura, tug

Tonight, Manitowoc, no measure given, but looks to be 200m bulk carrier bringing limestone to Cleveland.
Tomorrow, Buffalo, 194m, coming through locks at Sault St. Marie, probably carrying taconite for the steel mills
Tomorrow, American Courage, 188m, off Saginaw Bay probably carrying taconite for the steel mills.

Just another day in crummy old Cleveland where nothing interesting ever passes before my camera. Come to the gathering and lets see what is in town that weekend, probably nothing.

Sorry. Either I have a stereo phone camera or my finger stuttered.