Unfortunately I got 2 bad samples (SS 80 XL and SS 110 XL) from Schneider with the fog problem.

Bought in 2004 (early batches) they were ok until 2010.

I did not do LF photo for 2 years and when I decided to do some shots last year I noticed that both XL had this fog issue.

I have other Schneider lenses with not issue at all (72 XL, 90 XL,...)

They were sent to Schneider in Germany, they can repair (is it relly a repair when we're talking about issues clearly related to a production failure supported by numerous feedbacks ?) them for 1800$ each.

Of course I refused (that's more the price I paid) but they do not want to do anything. "Customers first" is not their motto.

I can accept some risk on a cheap product from China, not from such a germany based firm.

So very good lenses if you get a good sample, a nightmare if you don't (mine are unusable and unsellable burt repairable for ... 3600$, thank you Schneider guys !).

I talked to some friends who already cancelled their orders for these lenses.

My 2 cents.