I bought a SQ-B about 8 years ago: my first medium format experience.
It's the same as the SQ-A except for the electronics. The SQ-B was the cheaper body, all manual and no light meter build in. So I got me a hand held light meter instead.
It is a wonderful camera and the Bronica lenses are also great!! I know Hasselblad has the name, but to me Bronica is as good and a lot cheaper. Something like a Rolls Royce compared to a Mercedes Benz? There are a lot of lenses out there in good condition for not too much money.

I can remember seeing an image appear for the first time on the screen in the camera. It seemed like magic and I was sold. I like making a composition even better this way than using a 35 mm SLR camera. It gives me more grip on what the results will be like (do I make any sense??). I also like the square format (6x6 cm). And when I really need landscape format, I use my Bronica RF-645 (6x4.5 cm). This is a rangefinder camera that I take with me if I want to travel light and need to "point and shoot". The same great glass here.

Is is good to have some extra film backs. This way you can load different film types and use these (by switching backs) at the same moment, instead of to have to finish one film roll first. I even got me an old film back for 35 mm film. Makes beautiful panoramas, although winding the film is sometimes a problem with this back.

My greatest problem is forgetting to pull out the dark slide and wonder for a second why the shutter won't fire, or forgetting to put the slide back in and wonder why the film back won't come off from the camera. Good thinking & designing of Bronica!

So, enjoy, have fun and show us your first results please.