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There is a paper ISO rating and a film ISO rating. They are not related.

Ilford MGIV paper has an ISO of about 25. It is not orthochromatic though and has two contrasts at two wavelengths. Graded papers often can be used more effectively than MG papers.

I am a research engineer, NOT a photographer so I don't know where to find
a source of photo sensitive paper that will mail to Israel :

50 sheets of matte photo-sensitive paper ISO/APA 4 , Black/White
(payment will be made via VISA credit card)

If ISO/APA 4, Black/White is not available please indicate which low sensitivity
ISO number is available. ( for example ISO/APA 10 )
the reason for such low light sensitivity paper:
to be used for photos of sun's path through the sky taken using a pin hole camera;
the exposure will be taken over a period of 6 months
the exposed photo paper will the be transferred to a computer via a flat-bed scanner

Thanks for whatever help you can offer.