Vacuum Board is a nice touch , I used them for large murals in the past and have them for small register prints.
If you had a standard setup for murals only (ie a wall enlarger setup) then a vacuum wall is preferable , but I would still set up the magnets the same way for positioning, and for very large sheets of paper the vacuum system must be sufficient to hold the paper flat without any added help which is a system beyond the scope of most darkroom workers.
Finding a good system that is movable as I use two different enlargers for Murals and smaller prints- 11x14 with drop table and 4x5 enlargers for my work is not practical in my current space as it would really limit me.
THerefore I have one metal board on wood which is easily moved from enlarger station and off depending on my work flow.

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Bob, didn't you consider a vacuum board in order not to shade any paper area by the holding magnets and thus be more efficient paper-wise?