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Bill, according to the reproduction curve, an increase in the contrast for one part of the curve means a decrease in another.
Bill, Stephen has nailed the crux of the issue I'm facing.

Regardless of how we parse this once we pick a point on the paper to place say our main subject from the scene, then we are faced with a variety of challenges to get the rest of the subject matter we want on the paper.

Knowing it is a compromise, my question is basically asking "can placing subject matter in relation to the film's shoulder make my printing easier?"

Maybe a film that has, or can be manipulated into, a pronounced S curve with a relatively short straight line might fit my sensibility better than say a TMax that has 13 stops of straight line.

I don't know for sure but I'm beginning to suspect that this is one of the reasons that in practice I tend to prefer FP4+ over Delta 100 is the shape of the curve.