I can't afford it, right now, to spend this much money on a camera, but I would love it.
Especially since my daughter suddenly showed some interest in photography. She is 16 years old now and thinking about going to an arts academy over here in Holland in 2 years time. So she recently asked me to teach here some basics about photography this summer: especially with an interest for analogue, old cameras.
This was a great and pleasant surprise to me (very big smile ....).
So I'm thinking of finding here a nice analogue camera. This one should do nicely since I have a lot of (older) Nikon lenses.
And since it is all digital and computers at the academies nowadays, she would have an advantage for personal style and methods being able to use analogue techniques. I have lots of cameras, lenses and a darkroom waiting for her.

BTW: this camera was made somewhere between December 1964 and February 1965.