Ah, the line for the Confessional Booth is not very long this morning. And, it is moving.

Hmmmm. There really are not very many people here this morning. I cannot believe that everyone has been being THAT good this week.

OK. Now it is my turn.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Well, uhhh, yes, Father, it has been a while since I have been here to talk with you. You really noticed?

Yes, Father, I will be more diligent in my efforts to be here more often and to also come to participate in the Sacraments on Sunday morning.

Well, Father, you know already about my known addictions to things photographic. And I admit that I have been buying some other lenses, and also there have been some offers for some camera bodies that I just could not resist, Father. Yes, I know that I have given in to temptation again, but I did not intend to. In one case, all I wanted was the lens on a camera, and he did sell the lens to me for only $44, but then after I had given him the money, he also said that I had to take the camera body that it was on, along with the lens, and that he would not separate them. So I actually got the body for free, which really is very good stewardship of my resources that God has provided to me. And there are the two large 500mm telephoto refractor type lenses that I needed as a standard against which to compare all of those compact 500mm f:8 catadioptric or mirror lenses that have been gathering in the house. And I was asked to take some photographs of the lenses that fit the camera body of one manufacturer, but I did not have one of the lenses in that series, so I had to buy one of those as a model or sample to include with the others to be photographed. At least I do not need to have them sign a model release. And you know that John Nikon F is always tempting me with other tidbits and accessories for the Nikon cameras, and now I have a Nikon F-36 Motor Drive to put onto the Nikon F cameras here, but it does need just one more thing to connect from the Battery Section to the DC Power Connector on the left front corner of the F-36 Motor Drive. I think that it is called a Terminal Adapter, and it should be here probably sometime next week, so I guess that will be clear justification for me to come see you again next week, Father.

Yes, Father, I promise that I will indeed come next week. And, Father, there is one more thing. I really did give in to temptation, but in yet another way. You already know about my test equipment for testing camera bodies. That really is pretty easy and readily available. Testing lenses is a little more difficult. You may recall that last year I got a Richter R-2 Reflex Auto Collimator with the Model B Optical Bench for testing all of these lenses that are around here. And I did just say that I had bought those 500mm telephoto refractor type lenses to compare with the collection of the 500mm mirror lenses that are here. Well, to make the Optical Bench and Collimator really work properly with all of these lenses, I had to get a few more things to go with it to make it work with these long and very long lenses. So there are some five (5) foot long rods to lengthen the Optical Bench for those long lenses, and a middle support to keep the long rods from sagging in the middle, and an Auxiliary Support to hold up the front of those long lenses when mounted on the camera body or the Camera Model Calibration Standard, and another longer Test Objective Lens to cover more of the longer lens focal lengths, and all of this is just to be able to test those long and very long lenses, and I already had the Optical Bench, so it is just some things to merely extend the range of lenses that can be covered. And I really do need one more really long Test Objective Lens to be able to test lenses up to 1000mm, but that Test Objective Lens is not available right now. I do want to be able to test the lenses in a meaningful quantitative way so that my comparisons can be shown to have validity. If I am going to be sharing the results of my testing with others, I should be doing it in a way that is based on sound physical and optical principles, so, yes, I did buy the extra pieces to be able to do this.

Oh. Father, I did not know that you also have an interest in photography, and, yes, I promise that I will share the results of my testing with you also, and I really do appreciate your mercy with me in the matter of the penance for my transgressions.

Bye, Father. See you next week.