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True, but the OP is asking about lenses for 4x5. And for me, an Apo Lanthar is and will forever be a large format lens, regardless of the dictates of current "branding" practices.

As for limited coverage, as a general thing an 80 year old WA for say 8x10, such as the Wollensak series III, doesn't allow for movements of any degree. I did say "usually" as a qualifier when I used the Angulon (which in the 90mm flavor doesn't give much if any wiggle room on 4x5) as an example.

Most modern WA lenses do give better coverage than their vintage counterparts of the same focal length.
I didn't want to go into any real detail in an answer until the OP is up to speed on the very basics.
Im up to speed so far been reading up intensely so far.
I would like to hear more from you