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Home darkrooms have been around for many, many years, all over the world. Considering that, one might find plenty of cases of harm to sewage disposal and septic systems and the environment from home darkrooms, if it actually does happen. Does anyone know of any actual cases where harm to a sewer system or septic system has been attributed to photographic solutions being poured down a drain from a small, home darkroom? Or harm to the environment or groundwater?

actually i do know someone.
they were in rehoboth mass. they ruined their septic system by dumping photochemials into it: it cost thousands to repair.
before they set up their darkroom they had the whole system pumped and checked and their perk / leachfield checked everything was perfect.
within a few years they were scewed...

and i also know someone else who was fined about $100,000.00 for not complying with local regulations.

the local laws are different no matter where you go. it is best to find out where you live what is right for your situation.
( me? i live in a place where the rules are very strict and i obey them. )
the funnything is there are always people who claim all sorts of nonsense, especially on online fora.
a bunch of years ago there was someone here on apug, who claimed she was a chemist &c, and then claimed
that selenium toner was harmless ( even though the packaging suggests different ) because there
are trace amounts of selenium in multi vitamins.

just watch dr house to realize there is selenium in brazil nuts too, but if you eat too many brazil nuts
you will get sick with something that looks like cancer or radiation poisoning ... and the best cure for it
is a tea made of the larvae from some sort of bug ....

that might work for selenium poising ...
i don't think there is a larva you can flush down your drain to counteract the affects silver ( other than not dumping it ).