Just today I went to a camera sale at Wings Camera in Atlanta, GA. I was sorely tempted by a Calumet 4x5 view with an adequate lens for $200. The big Bogen tripod holding it was about the same cost. They also had a gorgeous Linhof Super Technika press camera with a 3.5 Xenotar lens.... But.... I'd have to buy a 4x5 enlarger, unless I intended to scan to a file to print digitally, not my idea of silver process. A 4x5 enlarger would be too big for the space I have for a darkroom; the Beseler 23c is stretching things as it stands. So, unless I have a mammoth windfall to build an addition onto the house for a darkroom, 6 x 7 from my baby Busch Pressman will have to be the upper limit, with 35mm and 6x4.5 Pentax gear for general use.