I'm looking to purchase the following items, my HB kit is great, but 6x6 is a bit too small(after cropping) for a lot of what I do these days:

  1. GX680III (III only, not II, not IIIS) body w/ WLF + regular screen installed(or gridded screen, either is fine)
  2. AA battery holder tray(stock, not aftermarket)
  3. regular bellows or 4-pleat WA bellows
  4. (1) Angle prism finder(non-metered)
  5. (1) 65mm lens w/ caps
  6. (1) 115mm or 125mm (f/3.2) lens w/ caps
  7. (1) 180mm (f/3.2) lens w/ caps
  8. (2) IIIN back w/ 120 inserts + darkslides
  9. (1) 220 insert for IIIN back
  10. (1) polaroid back w/ clean rollers

I can pay via Paypal or USPS Money Order
preferable to US-based transactions, but if the price is good, int'l is fine too.

Ideally I'm looking for cleaner items, some scuffs are fine, but items should all be fully working. Glass can have some internal dust, but should be 100% functional and pretty clean.
pictures of items for sale would be nice if you could supply them prior to a transaction.