[QUOTE=Les Sarile;1491319]As I said, the link you pointed out is a good brochure but it doesn't explain how it is that you in your opinion the Canon New F-1 as the best and most robust professional manual focus SLR ever because it doesn't compare any others to it. This time you identify why it is best for you over the T90 (gets magnetized) or the original F-1 due to improved manufacturing, additional auto exposure features, new batteries and metering. You also referenced the Nikon F & F2 and apparently found those lacking.

If you haven't already read it, a seemingly more rounded review - with some comparisons, can be found at Modern Classic SLRs Series : Canon New F-1.[/QUOTE

I'm not seeking comparisons Les you are, I'm not a camera reviewer this is just my personal opinion based on my experience if you want what you consider a more objective view I suggest that you do your own research, all I can tell you is I have used sold and handled all these cameras for years, I didn't find the Nikon F or F2 "lacking" they were both first class cameras it depends if you want a purely manual pro SLR or the versatility of a more modern version with the option of the choice of metering patterns and exposure functions, it's just my personal opinion, although I like them I don't consider the T90 to be a fully pro camera because of limited system of viewfinder options, lack of weather sealing and top class materials and manufacturing quality that are required for a fully pro camera and difficulty these days getting of getting them serviced and because pro quality cameras are designed to withstand 100,000 shutter actuations before they need any attention and I doubt if the T90 is capable of this.