For sale is my V700 flatbed scanner. It's done me really well, but I could use the money for other things right now. I've scanned 35,120, and 4x5 all with exceptional results. I've printed 40in prints from scans on this thing and they look great. The quality is definitely there and worth every penny.

As for the condition of the actual scanner, I'd say 9/10. There are no scratches on the glass, or any part of the scanner. It's near perfect, but I can't say 10/10 seeing as it's been used quite a bit. I took very good care of this thing (not too labor intensive as it has been sitting on a desk for 5 months). The film holders work excellently and hold the film flat. Comes with all you see pictured plus some cleaning supplies I've used to maintain it.

I'm shipping it from Tempe, AZ. The shipping won't be cheap on it, seeing as it's a pretty heavy item. I'm willing to sell it to US people for $430 shipped. Much less than what I purchased it for. Any international inquiries will be dealt with separately, as the shipping costs could get outrageous.

Any questions, please let me know. I had another username on here but forgot the password and don't have access to that email any longer. My email address can be found on my website -