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Looks like I've been resoundingly thrashed on this one, huh? Oh well.As for me, I'll keep on using my film and not mix it with a computer. Maybe it's because I've got to put my label jobs together on a computer before making the plates. And regular photography is where I can make pictures and stay away from the blasted computer.
I agree with you, HTF. And with Darko.

I think the journalist's "creed" is that any manipulation should be to help the photo better reflect what is actually there.

And the chief gripe you're making is that photoshop has been used to make photos that are, whatever — pretty, I guess — but don't actually reflect what was there.

As someone said, these are not journalists and likely don't give two boots about the ethics of photography.

It's very, very simliar to karaoke night at ye olde pub.