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One of the things I learned very early when printing Zones is that the print Zones are nowhere near equally spaced; nor do they correspond to many of the commonly used descriptions; Zone V rarely ends up being 18% grey... That is irrelevant...........
You say, "when printing zones", so I assume in the production of a gray scale. I agree with you on just about everything in your post. However, creating a grayscale is just about as easy a thing a person can do. Just to recap it, one has to print the Zone V negative to precisely match the tone of the gray card, then using the same print exposure time, proceed with printing all the other negative zones. In this way, Zone V will always match the gray card----the tone values and the commonly used descriptions will hold true when a textured gray scale is generated (like in the text)---I've done it as per the text, it works quite well. So, I'm compelled to question the assertion that zones are not evenly spaced, but I remain open to the contrary.

I agree with you that it could be completely irrelevant as long as one sees the "concept" involved, but for me personally, I find it very relevant.