You can probably make it work, certainly worth a try. I have a Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear, of about 140mm focal length, that came off a Kodak Autographic 1A folder. That camera had been sitting in a box full of photo "junk" for years; one day I started rummaging around in it, and I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I realized that the lens on that folder was still quite usable. I've used this lens with some movements on 4x5 (a Cambo SCX monorail). I've also used it with one cell removed to get something approaching 300mm that will cover 8x10 (a Toyo 810 field camera). The lens mount on mine is roughly 35mm, I had no trouble fitting it to the standard lens boards on my Cambo and the Toyo.

Edit: The maximum aperture on my RR is f/8 and oh yes, it is not easy to focus, especially with one of the cells removed - I think the aperture then is closer to f/16.