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BTW one can still be a Luddite and work in a tech field.
It is my understanding that Luddites were not strictly opposed to technology but were more opposed to the way it was used.

They considered machines to be a way to increase productivity and to make the work people do better but when machines were used to replace skilled workers with low-payed, unskilled workers, that is when they drew the line.

I like technology but I often don't like the way it is used. When machines override human judgement, especially when it becomes difficult to override automation and apply judgement, I draw the line.

I think technology should be used to help people to perform work better, not to replace workers. While I like the idea of Sigma's lenses, I'm still not completely sold. It seems like technology for its own sake, to me.

Photography as art should be made from human work and creativity, not from a machine or a computer program.