As some may have seen form my other postings, I'm having fun in the darkroom at present.

After reading through "the Darkroom Cookbook", I decided to try Gevaert G262 print developer. I can no longer remember why that one exactly, but that's what I decided to try.

The first thing I discovered was that Multigrade IV RC doesn't react to it at all. No change with dilution or extended development, except when the soup had been in the tray for 3 days and was almost black.

Then, for some reason, I dug out my old package of Kentmere Art Classic... Now that made a difference! Suddenly I could change the tone from warm black through brown to almost red simply by dilution, and adjust the contrast through exposure and development! G262 at 1:10 gives very warm reddish brown tones, and the contrast can be adjusted almost like in lith printing. Bergger Contact works well too, but you only get the contrast effect. It stays cool (but warms up in Selenium, unlike MG IV). So then I tried blue-toning one: I thought it would take some time, but everything was bright blue after 5 seconds!

It seems to me I have stumbled upon many of the joys of lith printing, but without the infectious development (at least it hsn't happened to me yet). so I'll keep on having fun for a while