The principal reason I'd want a Blad is for the leaf shutter lenses, and absence of shutter curtain slap (it does create a small double image even with mirror lock up on exposures of several seconds.) My P67, and the Bronica SQ Ai aren't recommended for long exposures due to their electronic shutter's battery life. What I use instead is my Mamiya C330 kit. The P67 has to be rotated for 'portrait' orientation, but I don't. Instead, I treat it as if it were a 6x6 for vertical framing, and allow the width to vary depending on the subject. I would do the same with the RB or RZ. But, if I were choosing my first medium format system, and If I had the funds for it, I'd choose a Blad over any other except the Rollie SL66 (I think!).