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Thank you, Sir, for your support.
But it's for sure my fault, should read graflex site more carefully.
Now I know more about different Graflex cameras, and I think I need to buy Crown or Speed graphic. Still not decided what will fit my needs better - barrel lenses or lighter weight. Now searching about old large format lenses.
Here is a sincere suggestion: focus your thoughts and that will help focus your energies. What do you want to do with a large format camera? I've lost track of the conversation in that regard becuase I think that maybe you aren't exactly sure. There is nothing wrong with that. FIRST - read up on the differences. SECOND - assess youur needs/desires and keep it "honest", in terms of what the camera can do and what you want to do with the camera. THIRD - do some virtual shopping, like on ebay... for the camera that will best meet your needs.

Perhaps the most versatile approach would be a Anniversary or Pacemaker that works decently, with an 135 Optar. That would be a nice set-up and would get you going. The weight difference between that and a Crown can be made up by doing a few push-ups. Then shoot with the camera AS IT IS INTENDED TO BE USED. If it doesn't meet your needs, then explore alternative lenses or anotehr camera solution.

Right now you seem to be "ping-ponging" through the thought process. Settle down and do the homework -- the answer will come easier. Good luck!