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I have F's F2's F3's and Canon F-1's and like all of them however...

My worthless opinion and I don't have much experience with 35mm SLR's ( see signature) I feel the F3 is the best of the era and the most durable pro SLR.
No doubt that much can be said (much has been said!) about the Nikon F3!

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I don't have the time or inclination Les to write an academic thesis on the relative merits of all the pro SLR's of that era, all I can tell you is that after due consideration over many years I put my own money where my mouth is and bought three F1N- AE bodys and have never regretted it.
Too bad given your seeming enthusiasm about the New F-1 but I can understand that not everyone is so inclined. Putting your money where you mouth is is a good testament for it.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the history and can appreciate the fine qualities of these fine AE capable light boxes . . .