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And there are plenty of enablers here to help you move to LF. And I agree, Andrew - it was using MF that kept me in the darkroom when digital started getting more popular.
Well yesbut... in the sizes I print, and many people print (up to but not exceeding 16x20, more commonly 11x14) the difference between 4x5 and 6x7 is for all practical purposes invisible, unless you really need the view camera movements for the photograph, and even then there are MF view cameras and roll film backs. The PITA factor of sheet film should not be underestimated. I think I keep doing it out of some kind of stubborn resistance to letting it push me away. I enjoy using the camera. I don't enjoy loading holders and trying to keep sheet film dust free and processing it, even though I can do six sheets at a time in my Jobo, and on and on. I often enough wonder why I don't just sell the stuff and get myself an RB or RZ kit.

But I would miss the movements, and the big (relatively, 4x5 isn't 8x10) ground glass, and even the passersby asking about the camera.

Welcome to some real negative real estate. It is addictive!