That paper is very old. Kodak stopped making it in about 1970. It is a very high speed, orthochromatic paper. Kodak recommended a Wratten No. 2 safelight (dark red). They recommended reversal development very similar to reversal film. The original instructions called for D-88 as the first developer, but a more modern developer could probably be used. This is followed by a rinse, R-9 (dichromate) bleach, rinse, CB-1 clearing bath, and another rinse. From here on, there are three options: you can redevelop in a fogging developer, redevelop in T-19 sulfide redeveloper (which gives sepia prints), or re-expose the film to a 40 watt lamp tor 3 seconds at 8 inches and then redevelop in D-88. Then you wash the film. There is no fix step. Actually you can probably use any standard black and white reversal film process. The paper is rated at ASA 25 speed (tungsten 12), and it was frequently used in a camera.

Kodak D-88 developer for reversal processing
Water (52C) 750 ml
Sodium sulfite (anh) 45 g
Hydroquinone 22.5 g
Boric acid (xtal) 5.5 g
Potassium bromide 2.5 g
Sodium hydroxide 22.5 g
WTM 1 l
Use full strength. Develop Direct Positive Paper 45 seconds at 20C, rinse, bleach for 30 seconds in R-9, rinse, clear in CB-1, rinse, re-expose, redevlop in T-19 or D-88, wash, and dry.

Kodak R-9 bleach for black and white reversal film
Water 1 l
Potassium dichromate 9.5 g
Sulfuric acid (conc) 12 ml
pH at 27C = 0.75
Specific gravity at 27C = 1.018
Bleach film for 50 seconds at 20C or 40 seconds at 35C

1. Develop in D-88 for 45 seconds at 68F.
2. Rinse for at least 15 seconds in running water.
3. Bleach in R-9 for 30 seconds or until image disappears.
4. Rinse in running water for at least 15 seconds.
5. Clear in CB-1 for 30 seconds.
6. Rinse in running water for at least 15 seconds.
7a. Redevelop in either Kodak Direct Positive Redeveloper or Kodak Sulfide Redeveloper T-19 for 60 seconds.
7b. Re-expose to white light, then redevelop in D-88 for 30 seconds at 68F
8. Wash in running water for 30 seconds.

Ref: Kodak Pamphlet No. G-14 (63-4-71-F), Direct Positive Photography with KODAK Super Speed Direct Positive Paper.