From Tim Rudman's newsletter:

Variable contrast, using Kentmere’s unique bromo-iodide technology. Lith prints to pleasing yellow-brown hues with cold blacks that exhibit gritty grain and texture.
Another Kentmere paper, Fineprint VC, shares the same emulsion as Fineprint
VC Warmtone, but on a bright white glossy paper. However, it does not lith print.
The surprising thing, given the emulsion recipe, is not that it doesn’t lith print, but
rather that the warm tone version does. This is thought to be because of some effect
from the warmtone pigment used, which is mixed into the emulsion rather than
onto the paper. The cold version Fineprint VC does however respond well to bleach
and lith redevelopment after first processing in ‘normal’ developer (‘2nd Pass Lith’).