Don't think of printing in seconds, think in stops. "2 or 3 seconds" is a decent burn if your base exposure is 1s, but it's practically nothing if the base exposure is 30s... And we don't know which you have.

If you have things on the face that are too-white instead of showing skin detail, your print is underexposed. (White) skin should normally be at Zone VI, which is nowhere near white. If your model is southeast-asian for example, you're going to struggle to get good contrast on both skin and a white dress without making the face look unnaturally dark. Pick a darker dress next time

You probably want to burn for at least +1 stop (same time burning as there is in the base exposure) to rein in powerful highlights. Maybe more. It's an indication that something is off in your lighting, or that you're printing at a too-high grade. Or the dress is just too bright compared to your model's skin - if no arms are visible you could try setting your print exposure to get a good rendering of the dress and then dodge out just the face.