Going to Lost Dutchman State park later this week, and suddenly got the concept of shooting the night sky, in b&w. I can use Arista EDU Ultra 400 (Foma 400) sheet film, or medium format TriX 400.

Never having done this before I Goggled, and there is a wealth of information on the net, but most of what I checked seems to concern itself with digital and color. Its just overwhelming all the info. Can't go through all of it.

Can anyone point me to a more specific site, that better suits the need simply, with perhaps information on these two particular b&w films in doing long exposures, and what to be aware of and watch out for.

Having not shot much of the Ultra (Foma) film, I have learned, that it's best to shoot it at 200. Its the fastest sheet film I have right now, and realize for this endevour, one usually uses much faster film or pushes the film in use.

This is more of an experiment in learning, to see if I want to get into this type of shooting in for the future and what it may entail.
Thanks for any tips or hints.