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Any time I use ROR I seem to end up with a bunch of residue left over. Granted, the ROR clears off some debris faster than anything else but I end up having to do a another pass to get the ROR off. Sometimes a bit of water works, other times I've used Ronsonal or isopropyl alcohol.

Does anyone else have issues with ROR? Or maybe I'm just using it wrong.
I am pretty new to ROR myself, but I gotta say, that yes, I do remember it not being a one-shot-deal, I think I had to clean the lens twice (spray cotton, wipe on lens, dry, do again-with-all-clean-cotton-balls). Seems to work better than any other solution I have used. I have to say, I think the cotton balls are the key too...

Think I read on APUG someone from Germany, who was a current/former Leica employee talking about the virtues of cotton balls...every time I tried lens tissues, they broke apart...sure there are 1000 ways to do this 'right'...this one's working for me though. Best luck all!