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Dear kintatsu,

I never assume the same exposure and development for two different papers. Further, subtleties in the paper base and emulsion can make one more desirable than another for a given image (although I've found I can vacillate between prints over time). Neal Wydra
Thanks for the information. With the Foma paper I found the problem seems to be the addition of developer to the paper. The levels for the most part remain the same, but small highlights, abruptly changing to lower values go dark and blend into the surrounding area. It would seem either surface area of the highlights or the transition to lower values needs to be controlled. Keeping that in mind, I think I can get something good from it with patience and practice.

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Having said that, I have been happy with several prints that I've made in the last year using Oriental VC paper. I can't blame the paper for any one that I am not happy with. ;>)
Neal Wydra
I hope I can make some good ones with it.

Thanks for the information