I bought a Linhof Technika 70 3 lens outfit around 6 years ago. Amazing stuff! I shot last Saturday, developed the film on Sunday, and scanned it. The T-70 has a way, (it seems to me), of challenging you to go deeper. The camera itself is a masterpiece, and it compells you to do likewise. If it were second rate, I wouldn't go the extra mile in shooting. Every camera purchase is a trade-off of one thing for another. Everyone is different about what they like. A tech.70 with three fast lenses, backs, shade, etc. in great shape is rare and will cost more than the average medium format kit, in like condition. A lot has to do about you, personally. Your priorities. I have owned a lot of cameras since the 1970's. Three hassies, Pentax 6x7, SL66, Rollei twin lens, blah, blah, blah. For me the T-70 is above them all. But it has a lot to do with what you like. You know. Seven people/seventeen opinions! AHHHH,,,life! All the best!