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How much development time are we talking about here? I've noticed most FB papers get richer with extended development so it's something of a compromise between the absolute best look and patience. I generally develop Ilford MG (WT and IV) and Adox MCC 110 for 3 minutes. Sometimes I'll go 5 minutes.

With Eukobrom at 1:9, the recommended dilution, for Ilford I get about 60-90 seconds for full development. With the Foma I'm getting 15-30 seconds for fully developed. The MG comes out very nice and seems to be more to my taste, while the Foma comes out almost like looking through a dark grey window. I tried the Foma at 1:18, with half the exposure and times were longer, but the highlights still looked bad.

Given your comment, I'll have to try 1:18, with even less exposure. Thanks for the advice and tip.