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Just slightly off regarding the diference between Canon/Nikon implementing new mounts.
Canon did it in one giant leap that outmoded all of their manual focus cameras while Nikon did it in increments.
If you have a bunch of $$ invested in a system would you rather dispose of the expensive lenses in one shot or over the years? Your money, your choice.
Many camera companies changed mounts suddenly, canon was just the biggest with the most lenses so it caused more uproar. For the pro's with significantly large lenses like 400mm or 600mm primes, canon offered a send in program where they would change the mount for you. Also they offered a conversion adapter on a limited basis. I've only seen one on eBay once, and if memory serves they made a tiny run like 200 that were made. They only fit the L series glass and possibly only the white lenses as the adapter is white.

It's just like the ones with cheap glass on eBay except its high quality canon glass.

Wish I could get my hands on one...

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