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A new owner can't hardly change the market nor over-capacity.
Sure, but they can do something about marketing. We live in the age of fast communications and Internet -- both of those open new possibilities of inspiring people to try something they haven't done before -- like shoot film.

For an example: I have been posting on Finnish photography and videography forums about filming on super-8 and 16mm film. I have posted links to good examples and information how to buy camera, which features are important, where to buy film... And what has come of this? Already there are some people who have never shot anything on film gotten interested in this kind of hobby, bought cameras and film.

If that kind of inspiring is something one hobbyist can do for film, just think what big business can do. One just has to believe in one's product, market it well and also in those markets which are outside of one's own country. Kodak hasn't really been shining in those areas. While motion picture film isn't part of this deal, it's an excellent example of how things have been going wrong for a long time. If you are in US, you can just call one number and they'll sell you film. If you are outside of US, there's really no easy way to order film. Also, at one point Kodak sold motion picture film online (though only in US!) but even then not all film products were there available. Now, some time ago they closed that service -- because it wasn't really their own but by some third party.

Kodak has been operating like the giant it used to be and like it was in the same markets it was then. But the world has changed. Markets have changed. We live in the age of choice. Shooting on film is a choice. It's not by necessity anymore. Because of this they ought to adapt to survive and thrive: value even smaller customers, make it easier to do business with them, be active in those places where the hobbyists are. And remember that there is a big world and big markets outside US.

Anyway, I'm hopeful. If Kodak employees find this development a step forward I think I can share that joy with them